Hi, I'm Clare Welcome to my Weaving Studio

This is a picture of me, Clare, to say Hi and welcome to my hand weaving studio

Donegal Handwoven Tweeds

All my products are made from my own fabrics using locally spun wool and my Donegal Tweed is hand woven in my studio in Donegal Town. I use my 120 year old wooden loom, with plenty of history behind it and certainly more to come.

My Studio and Loom

This is my studio in Donegal Town where I design and make my fabrics. I manufacture many exclusive products here for sale to visitors from around the globe. I look forward to seeing all my returning customers and extend a warm greeting to new clients to experience my own unique take on hand loomed Donegal Tweed.

My loom, which is 120 years old, started life locally and came to me to be lovingly restored 18 years ago. It has been here in my studio in Donegal Town ever since, made of wood and steel and held together with string, it has become my friend and workhorse.


On the left I’m making a warp, wrapping the yarn around the pegs to form the  warp ready for threading on the loom.

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